Venture Overview

Digitizing the built world

Akular is well recognized for its AR + VR and Digital Twins expertise and has processed over 7,000 BIM Models for clients since 2018.

Akular develops technology and products that enable 3D BIM models to be used during construction, helping investors and contractors save time, money and resources. By providing a platform for construction data to be merged with in-use operational data, Akular enables owners to monitor, benchmark and improve building performance. 

  • Enable clients to manage 3D models in AR/VR/3D
  • Generate sensor-based building data graphs showing performance for multiple variables
  • View Building Related Data in Augmented Reality on site by pointing at devices or data points
  • View building data in Virtual Reality by clicking on monitored elements

Achieving environmental sustainability through technological development enables 3D BIM models to be used during construction. Our mission is to help investors and contractors save time, money and resources as we digitize the built world.

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