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Creators of the Interconnected Channel and Pond Routing (ICPR) stormwater modeling and Real Time Flood Forecasting (RTFF) software suites

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Interconnected Stormwater Modeling + Flood Forecasting

Streamline is nationally recognized for its flagship water-monitoring software, “Interconnected Channel and Pond Routing,” or “ICPR.” ICPR began as a 1D hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) model with a focus on modeling hydraulically interconnected and interdependent pond systems. The latest generation of ICPR includes both 1D H&H and fully integrated 2D surface water and groundwater flow with an emphasis on interactions between surficial aquifer systems and surface water bodies.

With Streamline Technologies’ new Real-Time Flood Forecasting (RTFF) model, we now have the ability to more accurately predict flooding several days in advance at the street and house level. Our model allows us to determine where flooding will occur, how extensive it will be, and the flood duration.

With RTFF, municipalities and governments will be able to transition from a wait-and-see reactive posture into a more proactive approach. At the end of the day, saving lives and money.

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